The Wall – History and facts

May 8, 1945: Berlin is divided into 4 sectors: the American, British, French in the West and the Soviet in the East.

June 24, 1948 – May 12, 1949: Soviet blockade of Berlin’s western sectors.

Summer 1952: the border (Interzonengrenze) between East and West Germany is closed, only the border in Berlin remains open.

August 13, 1961: the Berlin sectorial borders are closed, barriers are build.

August 14, 1961: Brandenburg Gate is closed.

August 26, 1961: all crossing points are closed for West Berlin citizens.

December 17, 1963: West Berlin citizens are again allowed to visit East Berlin.

September 3, 1971: Four Power’s Agreement over Berlin; visiting becomes easier for West Berliners

September 10, 1989: Hungarian government opens border for Ease German refugees.

November 9, 1989: Berlin Wall is opened.

December 22, 1989: Brandenburg Gate is opened.


The Wall:

total length: 155 km

number of watch towers: 302

number of bunkers: 20

persons who succeeded in passing the wall: ~5000

persons arrested in the border area: ~3200

persons killed in the border area: ~160

The Wall – History and facts
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