Wilders death threats confirmed

The Hague – The anti-Koran film planned by Dutch MP Geert Wilders has led to several threats against his life. This was confirmed by a representative of the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism following a report in today’s issue of the newspaper, De Telegraaf.

The paper reports a death threat found on a website linked to al-Qaeda. It says that Geert Wilders must be killed because he insults Islam and the prophet Muhammad.

Mr Wilders, who leads the Party for Freedom (PVV), wants the Koran banned in the Netherlands because, he says, it is a fascistic book that initiates violence.

The announcement of the film in which he delivers such opinions has already prompted considerable concern within the Dutch cabinet. The police in a number of Dutch cities are preparing for disturbances when the film is shown.

Mr Wilders expects it to appear in March.

For more information: radionetherlands.nl

Wilders death threats confirmed
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