Netherlands reports first case of Mexican flu

The first case of swine flu has been confirmed by Dutch health authorities at a news conference. The case involves a three-year-old child who returned from Mexico on 27 April. Both the child and the parents are being treated and are said to be doing well. Health Minister Ab Klink refused to disclose the location of the family, saying they should be left alone.

The Netherlands is the 13th country to report a case of swine flu, which has been designated 2009 H1N1 by the World Health Organization. Minister Klink said a number of measures have been implemented in compliance with the WHO’s upgrading of the alert level to phase five, indicating an imminent pandemic.

Mr Klink said the health ministry had taken out an option on 19 million doses of swine flu vaccine and has asked the Dutch Vaccine Institute to make 1,000 Tamiflu courses immediately available. Minister Klink has also ordered firms manufacturing anti-viral medications to increase production.

The Spanish health authorities have recorded the first case of swine flu following human transmission. EU health ministers meeting today in Luxembourg to discuss the swine flue have reacted coolly to French calls to suspend all EU flights to Mexico.

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Netherlands reports first case of Mexican flu
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